– Wolf Trails

Is a long term project based in the Mediterranean Alps (Limone Piemonte & Molini di Triora) that provide MountainBike and Trekking adventures

It has one main mission,  provide the best, most genuine and non commercial outdoor experience in our area for every kind of customer, from family holidays to pro riders and business customers.


– Roberto (Founder & Guide)

Born in 1986 in Sanremo from a motorsport related family, raised between rally cars, baseball fields and a tiny village in Molini di Triora surroundings called Grattino. A place with only 4 people most of the year,  where I was escaping from the forestal police at 10 years old on a motorbike or simply bringing out the goats around my home trails.

After a life spent between baseball, rally cars and woods in 2009, I get the license as Environmental Trekking Guide after months of school, tests, practice and the final exam.

In 2012 I moved back to my roots, building a small farm in the village, Grattino, and have kept working as a farmer and forestal worker.

I came back on the MTB in 2013 and for 4 years I guided groups and drove vans for the historical shuttle companies in the area and also a bit of racing across France 06 and Cervinia. The most important thing was to have fun and discover new beautiful places.


After these important years between guiding and racing around I felt the desire for something more. My dream was to create a new standard in the outdoor activities panorama.

A company that can provide the most real and complete experience for the customer as a mountain biker or trekker

For these reasons and from these experiences in 2018 I founded Wolf Trails.


– Why Choose Us

“Lots of companies sell Bike Tours, I create the best tour for you!”

High quality for me is the “minimum level”

Wolf Trails is the only company in the area to provide:

  • professional drivers for road transfers including airport A/R transfers
  • professional guides with public license or excellent and certified Curriculum (NO “3 days school” guides)
  • 24h service to provide the most complete experience ever
  • an incredible and fully customizable level of assistance during the adventures
  • the best selection of food and beverages from our land
  • 4×4 vans to cover every kind of request at any time
  • The safest bike trailer in the area, up to 10 bikes, off-road proof.
  • a team capable to handle up to 30 bikers and 50 trekkers in a row
  • all our “Company Benefits & Secrets” around the area


– Community

This is a community project. One of the most important rules for our company is about the business partners, we don’t have cold and “best price” partners, we have friends, we have a community made with love from real local excellences to give you the real opportunity to live our magnificent territory from an exclusive and genuine point of view.

One of the most important parts of the project is my team, guides and drivers who gives 110% for our customers.