A great part of our job is dedicated to the Location Management for business customers as them manufacturers, teams, clubs or other kind of entities.

Our area can give lots and lots of opportunities, we have some of the best weather conditions in Europe, we’re close to the big events like Roc d’Azur and Finale Ligure EWS

We have a huge variety of landscapes in only 40 km, from the real Alps to the beaches,

Business customers can find a powerful and reliable logistic service to organize every kind of requests.

  • Commercial productions location management
  • Test & Press Camps
  • Winter Training Camps (MTB only)


We born and live in a magnificent part of the Alps, as magnificent as wild and for the most…unknow

If you’re looking for a exclusive, breathtaking, historic and naturalistic scenario…we have it.

Here where the Alps dive in to the sea everything is different and unique!

Our guides will bring you on the right place at the right time, as mission.