Mountain bike through the Mediterranean Alps & Beyond

Our Tours are mainly based on the great historical itineraries across the Alps starting from the higher Valle di Susa (Assietta Road, Saracen’s Tunnel, Jafferau) to the world famous Alta Via del Sale (Limone Piemonte – Ventimiglia) passing through all the beautiful Occitan Valleys.

From the Western Alps to the beaches of Ventimiglia or Cote d’Azur, soldiers, merchants and spies walk these itineraries in a “Lord of the Rings” Style from the Roman Empire Era to our days.

In this context we aim to provide the best Mountain Bike Tour service ever 

From easy All-Mountain rides to challenging Enduro Tours we can bring you inside this enchanted world like no others. 

Because we live our land 365 days at year and we’re not only “selling it”

Our playground with Fabien Barel and EMBN 

Some Tours:

  • All Mountain Tour 1 day (easy – medium) Molini di Triora – Limone Piemonte – Roya Valley
  • Alps to Sea  1 or 2 days (medium-hard) Molini di Triora
  • Via del Sale “Classic ” 2 to 5 days (medium)  Availability June to November
  • Via del Sale “Enduro ” 3 to 5 days (medium to hard) Availability June to November
  • Alpi del Mediterraneo Gran Tour 3 to 7 days (medium-hard) Availability June to November

All our 2+ days tours are even secured by our assistance service, in the wild areas we want to let you feel the emotions and enjoy the ride.

A mechanical issue, a bad puncture or simply heavy storm can ruin a great experience…Not with us.

Our assistance services provide the maximum coverage during our Tours, a 4×4 van with all the most important tools and spares, food and beverages.

Wolf Trails is the ONLY Company who can provide SPARE BIKES / E-BIKES for your adventure

The van will follow the group or idle somewhere along your way ready to scramble for emergency purposes.


All our tours can start wherever the customer desire, we can pick you up at airport Nice Cote d’Azur or directly in Finale with our professional van driver

Let’s discover one of the most breathtaking places on earth!