Let’s slow down… Trekking is pure essence.
Our Trekking Experiences are available 365 days a year, in every
moment we can find and organize your perfect trekking.
Send us a contact with a date, number of trekkers and level
We will send you back our finest and most updated Location Menu for your
Whether you are looking for magnificent landscapes or enchanted woods,
bunkers and medieval villages…we have something for you.
We can provide a unique experience organizing and guiding you across the
old Italian border during WW2 and through its “Western Alpine Wall” and an
enormous net of bunkers and barracks in the middle of nowhere, you will
visit the most iconic places of this huge defensive line.

We can provide every kind of trekking up to 50+ people!

 One day trekking
 Point to point Trekking Adventures 3 to 7 days
 Vallee des Merveilles
 Valle Argentina
 History Trekking (trekking dei forti, from Napoleone to the WW2)
 Via del Sale TransAlp 5 to 7 days (available June to October)
 Alta Via dei Monti Liguri 3 to 5 days (available June to November)


All our 2+ days tours are even secured by our assistance service, in the wild areas we want to let you feel the emotions and don’t think about everything else.

Our 4×4 vehicle will assist the group and bring the luggage point to point each day!

All our tours can start wherever the guest want, we provide also NCC Van Transfers for the major cities