Via del Sale is the oldest and most important road across the southern Alps used from the Roman Empire era to our days.

Colle di Tenda is the center of this huge net of Alpine roads, in the past centuries merchants and armies passed through these places leaving many signs, as a result of it we can now visit many military places like the huge fortresses builded in 1880 from the Savoia reign and hidden World War 2 bunkers builded in to the rock between 1936 to 1939 and yes…with us you can visit these incredible places.

The Salt Way Limone – Ventimiglia is the most important and extreme “salt way” in Italy, it cross 10 different environments from the ski resort of Limone Piemonte to the beaches of Ventimiglia, passing through all the different environments proper of the Mediterranean Alps.

This adventure is definetely not only a MTB trip, is a real and wild travel through the history and nature of our world!

WolfTrails is a super specialized company on this experience, we can guide you through this adventure like no other thanks to our great knowledge of the area.

Roberto knows all the secret places, bunkers and every square meter of the entire trip but most of all, the history behind this wild region of the Alps.

Besides the guide there is the logistics service that can cover you like no other!

Luggage transport, 4×4 assistance vehicle, spare BIKE or EBIKE on the vehicle, mobile workshop, spare parts, food and drinks

Our mission is to make you live this experience at 150%

Via del Sale TransAlp can be done in 2 to 5 days joining with our main service “Mediterranean Alps Gran Tour”

Al the experiences can be setted up for different kind of groups from the most quite travellers to the enduro lovers! Different itineraries on the same stunning road and its fantastic variations!